If you are interested in our program and wish to learn more, Kristen, our Registered Dietician Nutritionist, will schedule you for a free informational seminar. These are conducted individually or in small groups. During the seminar, we will discuss program and fee structure, review the history and success of the program, and answer your questions. There is never any pressure to enroll. It is important to us that you make the decision that is best for you. Our comprehensive program is geared towards individuals who are highly motivated and committed to making permanent healthy lifestyle changes.

If you enroll in our full or partial meal replacement program utilizing the OPTIFAST ®  protocol, we need to take a full history and examine you at an initial medical office visit. If you are an existing patient at our medical practice, then we will review your chart to determine how recently you were seen and which if any labs or testing needs to be updated. Many individuals do not require frequent office visits after that, assuming they are in good health. For those taking blood pressure or diabetes medications, for example, closer supervision may be required.

For individuals interested in individual counseling only, medical supervision is not required.

Yes, we have evening classes available for individuals who work during the day. The available hours for evening classes vary according to the schedules and needs of active participants.

Our office is serene, quiet and very private. It is located within a medical office building containing several other office suites. Group sessions are conducted in a large conference room, and individual sessions and weigh-ins are conducted privately in a separate office.  Your information file is locked and secure at all times. We try very hard to preserve participants’ privacy.

Because our program works best when individuals attend all sessions and each class presents a lot of important information, we strongly encourage participants to attend all sessions. That being said, unexpected emergencies or life events do occur and we will do our best to accommodate this with a change in your schedule, for example, attending a different class that week.

We try to accommodate people with unexpected needs for changes in schedule. The enrollment fee does not apply again until a participant’s enrollment has been on hold for 6 months.

Our rationale in promoting regular attendance is that the program works best when it is applied consistently and regularly without interruption.

Yes, we offer a discounted enrollment fee for couples and also for friends or family members who wish to sign up together.

One on one counseling sessions with the nutritionist are always solo. To these sessions, you are welcome to bring a spouse, partner, friend or family member. Group sessions are most often done in small groups. One of the merits of our program is the availability of the group support. Most of the time in group is spent learning skills for life to help you navigate healthy grocery shopping, and to learn skills such as mindful eating, building self-esteem, and personal responsibility.  Each week, an educational topic is selected and discussed. At the end, time is devoted to Q&A sessions during which participants share personal stories, challenges and successes. The vast majority of participants have given us positive feedback about how valuable this is. Learning about others’ similar experiences often decreases the sense of isolation and loneliness overweight people often feel. Psychologically, this can have profound positive effects on happiness and success.

While we absolutely love children, we ask that you arrange for childcare so that you may attend our sessions free of distraction and responsibility. 

We have available both “Full” and “Partial” OPTIFAST ® programs, as well as individual counseling. The “Full” phase is typically the first phase clients participate in. This lasts 12-16 weeks and is followed by 12-16 weeks of the “Partial” program. Should you not have much weight to lose, our nutritionist will be able to tailor the program to your needs. Our nutritionist is available for individual counseling sessions, which can be scheduled as needed.

Yes. For a very low cost, we have a maintenance program during which you come to learn an advanced lifestyle education topic with weight checks twice per month and counseling as appropriate. Participants who chose this option at completion of the program have the best long-term success.

No, only the medical visits that you attend upstairs in our medical practice are covered by insurance;  our medical practice accepts most major medical insurances. The cost of meal replacement products typically equals the cost of meals. The monthly fee covers the weekly educational sessions, class materials, individual counseling and assessment meetings, and ongoing e-mail and/or phone support.