Doylestown Weight Loss Center Offers Optifast ™

The Doylestown Weight Loss Center offers Optifast ™ , a comprehensive program utilizing meal replacements with gradual transition to a self-prepared food plan, in combination with nutritional education, group support and medical supervision where needed. Programs can last up to 26 weeks, with an average weight loss of 50 lbs when patients engage for 26 weeks or more. Optifast ™ has been around for over 40 years, and has solid outcomes data listed in more than 80 publications. Importantly, more people having completed the Optifast ™ program maintain medically significant weight loss after 5 years, as compared with other weight loss programs.

Clients choosing the Optifast ™ program must receive an initial medical and laboratory evaluation from one of our medical providers who has received training in the nutritional treatment of obese and overweight patients. Most, but not all individuals will qualify. Depending upon individual medical conditions and medications (in particular those which lower blood pressure and blood sugar), additional medical supervision may be required and will then be maintained throughout the program. Our intent is not to interpose ourselves between you and your primary health care provider, rather, to help you safely navigate the phases of our program in which weight loss is most rapid. Consistent and clear communication with your primary care provider and subspecialty providers is of utmost importance and will be maintained at all times regarding your progress. All medical supervision is provided through our medical practice upstairs, which accepts Medicare and most major insurances.

Although our Optifast ™ program is highly structured and intensive, the program is individually tailored to suit your unique weight loss goals and nutritional needs.

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