Our Mission and Philosophy

The Doylestown Weight Loss Center (DWLC) was founded by Dr. Laura Fitzpatrick in 2018. Here at DWLC, we believe first and foremost in promoting healthful life habits, especially proper nutrition, a structured exercise program when possible, and avoidance of harmful behaviors which undermine health and attempts to lose weight. Countless existing diseases and symptoms stem from the types of foods we consume and lack of adequate physical activity. We educate each client how to make intelligent food choices and how to identify and eliminate foods with added sugar and unhealthy fats. Above all, these measures help reverse weight gain and improve energy levels, blood sugars, blood pressure and cholesterol. Moreover, they reduce risk of obesity and diabetes, heart disease and other devastating forms of vascular disease, thereby lengthening lifespan and quality of life.

We specifically tailor each weight loss plan to the individual, always remaining mindful of his/her goals. By achieving weight reduction, We want to help our clients reduce or eliminate the need for medications where possible, and to manage chronic conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes through proper eating and regular exercise. In clients without medical problems who simply want to lose weight, we will help them achieve this to look and feel their best.

Emphasis on whole foods, design of a personalized weight loss strategy specific to the individual, and identification and careful avoidance of foods and behaviors which undermine weight loss attempts are necessary and key components of a successful weight loss plan.

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