Summer Squash!

Summer squash is here!  Grown in our little kitchen garden, these can practically double in size overnight, so they have to be harvested in a timely manner, or you’ll have enough to feed the neighborhood.  Zucchini are versatile vegetables; they lend themselves well to being sauteed, grilled or baked.  

I just chop off the ends, then make slices into quarters, or if grilling, use long strips.  Try to make the individual pieces similar in thickness and size for even cooking.  Last night, I sauteed them on our outdoor grill side burner. Just add some olive oil to a pan skillet on medium to high heat. Then drizzle additional olive oil as needed (not too much or they become soggy), and add salt and pepper. 

It’s best not to overcrowd the skillet, as I tend to do, so that you have nice caramelization of the pieces and they don’t “steam” one another.  Be sure to stir or flip the squash a few times as you cook. For extra flavor, add a few onions or garlic to the skillet before adding your squash! 

Serve hot, season to taste, and consider adding a sprinkling of parmesan cheese. This is particularly delicious when added to grilled or baked zucchini for the last few minutes to achieve that lovely browned topping. 

And that’s it!  Enjoy this delicious, low-calorie and healthful addition to your dinner!! Have a great week!!


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