Program Structure

Our program maximizes your potential for success in the long run because our fundamental goal is to teach you how to shop for, cook and prepare meals and snacks for yourself without long term reliance upon weight loss products. We do not endorse weight loss “supplements” or prescriptions, as these offer either no results or those which are minimal and temporary. In addition, the majority of weight loss drugs, even with FDA approval, have not been studied for long term safety beyond just a few years, and can cause a litany of side effects and harms.

Though our program is wholly flexible, the general structure is an initial phase of rapid weight loss through a combination of meal replacements and self-prepared foods, followed by a transition phase during which self-prepared foods are gradually reintroduced, and finally a maintenance phase with ongoing support for continued success. Education is a key component of our program.

Our program is comprised of 3 components: the Full meal replacement phase, the Partial meal replacement phase and Maintenance. During the Full meal replacement phase, our delicious bars, shakes and soups are used to substitute the foods normally consumed for all meals and snacks. This phase most commonly lasts 12 weeks. The underlying rationale is to narrow the range and intensity of flavors in order to change your taste preferences for more healthful and lower calorie foods. This allows you to “reprogram” your palate, and over time enable you to successfully avoid the foods that sabotage weight loss efforts.

arrow diagram program structure

The second phase is called “Partial meal replacement”. During this phase, also typically 12 weeks in length, healthful foods are reintroduced to your diet. Throughout the program, you will receive detailed one on one and group instruction in how to rebuild your diet in a manner which will enable you to continue the weight loss and once achieved, maintain your goal weight.

The final step is “Maintenance”. After you have successfully completed phases 1 and 2, you will have the option of enrolling in our maintenance program. Recent studies have shown an individual is much more likely to maintain target weight after weight loss if there is continual reinforcement of principles of healthy eating habits, particularly in the form of group support.  Meetings during maintenance are held once or twice monthly.

We focus on the individual, with the understanding that successful dieting is not achieved through a “one size fits all” approach. We offer one on one nutritional counseling, group support of others sharing your goals, and group counseling sessions designed to teach you the fundamentals and secrets of losing weight for good. We believe that knowledge and education is power, and we aim to arm you with the information to make smart choices for life.

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