PURELY NOURISH™ (launching in October, 2020)

A clean, whole-foods meal plan designed to meet your unique metabolic needs.

  • Complete review of your dietary and health history by dietitian and physician
  • Several in-depth consultations with our dietitian who develops a personalized meal plan for you, designed to optimize metabolism, lower weight, calm inflammation, restore energy and improve health
  • Targeted physician-ordered lab testing to determine your unique nutritional and metabolic needs
  • Physician and dietitian review of lab testing
  • Recommendations for any essential vitamins/ supplements
  • Access to selected videos from our exclusive online library, “Pure Food/ Healthy Life”, enabling you to stay current on cutting edge nutrition secrets
  • Access to non-GMO, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free protein bars and snacks in several delicious flavors, designed to trim your waistline and nourish your body
  • Access to the complete line of scientist-tested Metagenics® supplements, individualized for your needs
  • Choose from among our 4 delicious meal plans: Pure Heart, Pro-Renew, Happy Zone and Pro-Immune

Pure Heart

A meal plan which counteracts inflammation in the body, utilizing a whole, unprocessed food plan combined with strategic intermittent fasting. Our plan helps you to control weight while reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and other vascular disease. Well-suited for individuals who wish to lower their risk of inflammatory conditions such as heart disease, stroke, inflammatory bowel disease and the conditions that lead to them.


An antioxidant-focused meal plan carefully designed to eliminate dietary carcinogenic compounds and toxins which can promote cancer. Learn how to efficiently integrate the “super foods” into your diet, and utilize the proper supplements to fulfill your needs. Ideally suited for individuals wishing to lose weight and lower their risk of cancer.

Happy Zone

A low carb, whole foods diet which helps maintain the body’s glucose and insulin levels within a tighter range. Ideal for individuals who wish to lose weight, and prevent or manage diabetes. Develop a complete understanding of the glycemic index and how you can use it to beat the body’s insulin rollercoaster and lose weight. Perfect for those with prediabetes, high fasting sugar, polycystic ovarian syndrome or obesity.


A meal plan designed to minimize dietary allergens and irritants which contribute to allergic food reactions. Ideal for those with multiple food allergies, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or autoimmune disease. Not sure which plan is best suited to your needs? Ask us for guidance! Individuals often have dietary needs that eclipse more than one plan. We will happily custom design the optimal meal plan just for you! You get one precious life to live. Make an investment in your health and wellness, and enhance the joy in living each and every day!